Sunday, July 4, 2010

Having a blast with Coco.

Christina Leahy [Coco] was our Guest Host on Wednesday 30th June. We ran a day and night class. We created the most beautiful collage card with a christmas theme. We appreciate Coco taking time out from her family holiday to spend it with the Pixies and friends.
This is our night class and their finished collage cards.
Above: Coco, Jane [holding my card as well], Amanda & Lisa.
Above: Coco with her well loved TIM HOLTZ Flourish Stamp.
Our day class was well supported and the Pixies will definately be organising DAY CLASSES on a Wednesday soon, so keep a eye out for those.
Above back: Susy, Marian & Vicki. Front: Kylie & TrishOur beautiful guest artist - Coco.
The night class was heaps of fun and Jane & myself were able to participate as well due to some last minute non-attendances.
I told you I would Jane .... hee hee. So cute really !!
Our lovely Lisa having some well deserved R & R.
The finished product. Even though we all used the same pieces, we all put our own spin on the collage card and they turned out to be very unique creations.
Once again we thank Coco so much for taking the time to join us.
Don't forget to bring your works in and show us so we can pass onto Coco the fun you are all having playing with collage.
At present we are preparing for KIDS CLASSES as it's school holidays now.
Kids classes are on MONDAY and WEDNESDAY of both weeks. The classes start at 1pm and finish at 3pm. BOOK NOW as we have very limited seating left.
Cheers for now from the Pixies.

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  1. Oh what a wonderful time we had..Seeing COCO was the BEST . All that talent.